To Begin

Poppadoms and prawn crackers served with chutney and onion salad

Tomato Rasam
Indian aromatic tomato soup


(Please choose any one)


Zafrani Murg Malai Kebab
Chicken breast marinated with Indian traditional herb and spices and yogurt and grated cheese flavoured with black peppers and saffron cooked in clay oven served with mint chutney and salad.

Hara Ratan Tikki Amritsari
Spinach, Paneer and Potato cake served with salad and fresh tamarind chutney.

Mangaloorian Grilled  scallops
Flavoured with mix paper corn, fennel seeds and star anise topped with oven roasted smoked tomato chutney.

Saloni Seabass Shelhati
Seabass marinated with  Indian herbs and shallow fried serves with sweet chilli sauce


Main course

(Please choose any one)

King Prawn Makhanwala
King prawn marinated in yoghurt and tandoori mix masalla , roasted in tandoor and simmered in light tomato and cashew nut base sauce served  with sautéd baby spinach.

 Nijami Chiken Ajwani
Breast of chicken stuffed with baby spinach and cottage cheese blend with Indian herb and spices   served with assorted boiled vegetables and mildly spiced rich  ajwani flavoured sauce

Kandahari Lamb chop Kala mirch
Lamb chop marinated with, ginger garlic and Indian spices, slowly roasted in a pan served with spicy Bhuna style gravy flavoured with crushed black pepper and pumpkin bhaji.

  Lucknowi  Elachi Turkey
Pan roasted turkey breast served in a bed of lightly spiced onion and tomato base sauce flavoured with crushed cardamom and served with sautéd garlic mushrooms and baby carrots.

 Keng Phed Ped Yang (Duck)
Slices of stuffed duck breast served with coconut and tamarind base sauce flavoured with lime leaves, fresh coriander and chillies served with assorted vegetables.

 Crispy Thai Cod fish
Crispy fillet of cod fish served with ginger flavoured scallion sauce served with stir fried mushrooms.


Side Dish

(Please choose any one)

Dal Maharani
Mixed lentil cooked with onion tomato garlic and served with fresh coriander leaves

Stir fry Vegetable
Assorted vegetable with spring onion ginger and mushroom

Accompanied with rice or nan



 Chocolate fudge cake
A rich moist dark chocolate layered fudge cake


Matka Kulfi
A special blend using the finest Kulfi with a unique saffron sauce served in a ceramic bowl and decorated with pistachios and almonds



To Finish

Tea / coffee with mint