Indian Main - Authentic Dishes

Vegetable / Chicken / Lamb / Salmon / King Prawn / Duck 

Chettinad (spicy)

menu #27

Traditional South Indian curry, chicken simmered in coconut, red chilli, black pepper corn and curry leaf flavoured sauce.


menu #29

Delhi Style chicken / lamb tikka marinated in yogurt and tandoori mix masala, roasted in a tandoor and simmered in light tomato bell pepper and cashew nut sauce.

Kashmiri Rogan Josh

menu #31

Kashmiri Style Curry, flavoured with fennel seeds.


menu #33

Spicy dish with capsicum, onion and tomato.


menu #35

Medium spices, tomato and herbs.

Jalfraizi (spicy)

menu #26

Cooked with hot spicy onion, tomato and pepper sauce.

Dum Dahi

menu #28

Traditional Delhi style curry – cooked with roasted onion, garlic and cashew nut gravy.

Bhunna Gosht

menu #30

Slow cooked meat in spicy bhunna style gravy.

Dhal Gosht

menu #32

Traditional Madras Style meat cooked with chana dhal and raw mango gravy.

Meen Kadombo

menu #34

South Indian Style Salmon cooked with onion tomato in a tangy sauce, temper with curry leaves and whole dry chilli.

Vegetable / Chicken / Lamb / King Prawn

Dum Biryani

menu #39

Special comination, cooked with basmati rice flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf and saffron served with sauce.

Tandoori Dishes

Mixed Grill

menu #37

A selection of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kabab and tandoori chicken served with leaf salad.

Chicken Shashlik

menu #36

Tandoor grill marinated chicken, capsicum, tomato and onions served with leaf salad.

Tandoori Salmon

menu #38

Lightly spiced tandoor grill Salmon served with leaf salad and mint sauce.

Indian Main - Innovative Dishes

Rani Palak Kofta (mild)

menu #15

Potato and cottage cheese balls served in a smooth spinach sauce.


Murgh Shalimar

menu #17

Breast piece of chicken cooked with onion tomato and yogurt base sauce served with sauté spinach.

Nalli Nehari

menu #19

Lamb Shank cooked in a smooth sauce, flavoured with black pepper and whole spices.

King Prawn Malai Curry (mild)

menu #21

Fresh water king prawn cooked with onion and coconut milk served with spinach.

Pan-Grill Sea Bass

menu #23

Lightly spiced fillet of Sea Bass grill with rice flake and hot garlic sauce served with courgette bhaji.

Palak Hiran (venison)

menu #25

Pan roasted venison served with sauté Spinach and lightly spiced coconut milk and curry powder flavour sauce.

Old Delhi Chicken Curry

menu #16

Chicken Tikka cooked in aromatic spices, garlic, fenugreek, tomato and fresh cream sauce.

Tandoori Seared Lamb Rack

menu #18

Tandoori lamb rack served with smooth tomato, onion sauce and mashed potato.

Pudukottai Duck

menu #20

Duck breast, pan roasted, lightly spiced onions and tomato sauce, flavoured with curry powder.

Goan Cod Curry (spicy)

menu #22

Goan style cod, flavour with whole coriander seeds, dry roast red chilli finished with malt vinegar and coconut milk.

Sea Bass Moiley

menu #24

Andhra Style preparation of sea bass cooked in coconut milk tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Indian Main - Vegetarian

Bhanghara Baingan

menu #41

Aubergine cooked with cashew nuts, sesame seeds and tamarind tempered with curry leaf and mustard.


Bhindi Ka Salan

menu #43

Okra simmered with onion, tomato and tamarind, tempered with mustard seeds, red chillis and curry leaves.


Shabzi Bahar

menu #45

Lightly spiced mixed tender vegetables with tomato and herbs.


Aloo Palak

menu #40

Spiced potato cooked with spinach, coconut milk and curry powder.


Maa Ki Dhal

menu #42

A blend of lentil spiced with kashmiri chilli powder, garlic, ginger and tomato.


Arbi Ka Salan

menu #44

Arbi cooked with cashew nuts, sesame seeds and peanut, tampered with mustard seeds, red chillies and curry leaves.


Saag Paneer

menu #46

Indian cheese and spinach with coconut milk.


Pilau Rice

menu #48

Spice Lodge designed basmati rice.

Steamed Rice

menu #47

Mushroom Rice

menu #49

Lightly spiced pilau rice with mushrooms.

Peas Pilau Rice

menu #50

Lightly spiced pilau rice with egg and peas.

Plain Naan

menu #52

Stuffed Naan

menu #51

(Garlic, Peshwari, Keema or Honey)

Tandoori Roti

menu #53


menu #54